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Moving to Gatsby

4th December 2018

Ive moved my site over to Gatsby!

Everything an Option in the Theme

18th August 2016

My aproach to WordPress theme development.

RADIUS With Windows Server 2012R2

22nd July 2016

RADIUS authentication for wireless networks using NAP in Windows Server 2012R2.

SODB (2015)

SODB is one of my oldest projects. I’ve used it on and off for since its creation with it making an appearnce in my Screeps AI for a while.

SODB create an ORM like interface around an array of objects. Leveraging the idea that an object looks a lot like a database record.

With Typescript you can type the records making it even easier to use!


  • NodeJS
  • Typescript

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Creating the Less compiler for compile-watch

27th April 2015

Compile Watch is easy to modify with additional watchers

  • Atom
  • CompileWatch

Squirrel Release Server

1st November 2016

Simple php update provider for squirrel (electron)

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