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Moving to Gatsby

4th December 2018

Ive moved my site over to Gatsby!

Everything an Option in the Theme

18th August 2016

My aproach to WordPress theme development.

RADIUS With Windows Server 2012R2

22nd July 2016

RADIUS authentication for wireless networks using NAP in Windows Server 2012R2.

A nice new wallpaper

1st August 2018

  • Photography

I’ve long held the belief that end users are much more likely to like a new system if it looks good. It doesn’t matter if software X is misconfigured or missing if they had an enjoyable experiance getting to that point.

I was rather happy with a photo I took at one of our schools.

Before Editing

The original image isn’t suitable as a wallpaper. It’s main issue is the volume of colour and how it would contrast with the desktop icons over the top of it.

Simply making the image black and white would have worked but it wouldn’t have had the pop I normally aim for.

Before Editing

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Screeps Part 8 – Constructors & DEFCON

14th December 2016

Better defense and room building code.

Screeps Part 18 – Typescript

4th September 2017

Swapping my code base to Typescript.

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