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Jekyll-Atom 2.0.0

Jekyll-Atom is my Atom Package for working with Jekyll. Version 2.0.0 updates a few dependencies and meets the newer preferences for Atom.

PAC File 0

A PAC File System using Jekyll

A PAC (Proxy Auto-Config) File is a small javascript file that a browser can be configured to use when choosing a proxy server. For a few reasons over at Ed-IT Solutions, we decided we needed...



React, in Jekyll, with dynamic pages! Why? Most of my recent work on this site has been around using pushState, ajax and lunr to create a static site that you can search with pages...


Jekyll Atom 1.2.0

A new version of Jekyll-Atom has just been released! This version adds some new syntax grammars to Atom to highlight Liquid tags and the YAML front matter. The Grammars don’t define a massive amount...


Using Jekyll Atom from start to finish

Jekyll-Atom is my Atom package for working with Jekyll (as the name implies). It makes working Jekyll a breeze but I have a had a couple of questions about how some of it works,...


Setting up lunr.js in Jekyll

lunrjs is a client side search system that is perfectly suited for Jekyll and other static site systems. Setting it up in Jekyll without any plugins (so it works on Github Pages) isn’t that...


AJAX Page loading in Jekyll (Or any static site)

This site is pretty fast, lets be honest static HTML loads incredibly quickly as there is no rendering or database overheads to slow it down. That being said AJAX page loading is even faster...


Jekyll Atom 1.1.0

Jekyll-Atom has just hit 1.1.0 and with this release comes some new features and adjustments to the current ones. I outlined my ideas in the state of the universe and I think I have...

Improving Speed in Jekyll-Atom 0

Improving Speed in Jekyll-Atom

Jekyll-Atom is pretty slow at building sites. There is a noticeable delay between hitting ctrl-S and the site being updated which really slows development. The fatal flaw is the jekyll build is building the...

A Jekyll extension for Atom 0

A Jekyll extension for Atom

I recently got into the [Atom] beta and have been using it for the past couple of weeks with no problems at all. One of the big features of [Atom] is that it is...