Author: Adam Laycock

Etch Router 0

Etch Router

Etch is Atom’s system for updating the DOM. Like other DOM managers (e.g. React) it uses javascript to define a DOM structure and then applies it to a given DOM node. When the state of...


Jekyll-Atom 2.0.0

Jekyll-Atom is my Atom Package for working with Jekyll. Version 2.0.0 updates a few dependencies and meets the newer preferences for Atom.


Theme Options

My latest composer release is a small library to help with theme options in WordPress. It provides a simple interface for defining theme options and retrieving them later. I made this library quite a...


Remove Guided Access Mode on an iPad

One of the jobs I get asked to do on a regular basis is remove guided access mode from the school iPads. If you don’t know about it guided access mode allows you to...

PAC File 0

A PAC File System using Jekyll

A PAC (Proxy Auto-Config) File is a small javascript file that a browser can be configured to use when choosing a proxy server. For a few reasons over at Ed-IT Solutions, we decided we needed...


Screeps Part 7 – A complete Re Write

For Screeps Part 7 I have something a little different planned, a complete re-write of my code from the ground up. I Apologise for the length of this post. I normally aim for 1000...