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Moving to Gatsby

4th December 2018

Ive moved my site over to Gatsby!

Everything an Option in the Theme

18th August 2016

My aproach to WordPress theme development.

RADIUS With Windows Server 2012R2

22nd July 2016

RADIUS authentication for wireless networks using NAP in Windows Server 2012R2.

Screeps (22)

Screeps Part 22 – War and Claiming Another Shard

20th December 2017

Pushing out into the map and other shards for profit.

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Screeps Part 21 – Optimizing the OS

22nd November 2017

Making the OS more CPU efficent.

Screeps Part 20 – Bunkers

12th October 2017

Building bunkers to keep my bases safe.

Screeps Part 19 – Operating Systems

28th September 2017

Building an OS to better manage my CPU.

Screeps Part 18 – Typescript

4th September 2017

Swapping my code base to Typescript.

Screeps Part 17 – Room Planning

24th July 2017

Planning rooms to get more out of them.

Screeps Part 16 – Faster in an Alliance

14th July 2017

It's time to join an alliance and get some help.

Screeps Part 15 – New Empire

10th July 2017

A new empire needs some improvements to the AI.

Screeps Part 14 – More Improvements and a Respawn

5th July 2017

Improving my code even more to make it more cpu efficiant.

Screeps Part 13 – Building Up

2nd July 2017

Using Grafana to map out my AI's progress and status

Screeps Part 12 – Start Again

22nd June 2017

A new AI and a respawn.

Screeps Part 11 – The Great Depression

27th January 2017

A small bug in my code results in a pretty big economic depression across allmy rooms.

Screeps Part 10 – RC6 Twice and a Third Room

11th January 2017

Getting to RCL6 and launching into a thrid room.

Screeps Part 9 – GCL3 and Another Respawn

2nd January 2017

Expanding into a third room after being forced to respawn.

Screeps Part 8 – Constructors & DEFCON

14th December 2016

Better defense and room building code.

Screeps Part 7 – A complete Re Write

6th December 2016

It's time to start a new AI from scratch.

Screeps Part 6 – Poking the Enemy

30th November 2016

Taking the fight to the NPCs and reaching the limits of my AI.

Screeps Part 5 – Finishing RC4 and Rewriting the Creeps for GCL2

27th November 2016

It's time to start thinking about multi room now that I have reached GCL2

Screeps Part 4 – We can rebuild, we have the AI

23rd November 2016

Rebuilding from my earlier defeat.

Screeps Part 3 – RC4 & a Surprise

21st November 2016

RC4 brings some more improvements and I start looking for a war.

Screeps Part 2 – RC3 & Beginnings of Multi-room

17th November 2016

RC3 means I can expand into other rooms.

Screeps Part 1 – RC1 & RC2

15th November 2016

The start of my journey through screeps.

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