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Moving to Gatsby

4th December 2018

Ive moved my site over to Gatsby!

Everything an Option in the Theme

18th August 2016

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RADIUS With Windows Server 2012R2

22nd July 2016

RADIUS authentication for wireless networks using NAP in Windows Server 2012R2.

LESS in a WordPress theme

12th January 2016

  • WordPress

I have made a replacement for wp-less! If you intrested in using less in your WordPress theme check it out. wpenqueueless.

LESS is a CSS pre-processor which adds tonnes of features that extend CSS. I have been using it for a while when making my WordPress themes and have gotten it work pretty well with the Theme Customizer.

The first part of this setup is WP-Less which allows WordPress to compile LESS. I dropped the plugin into my theme under vendor/wp-less and deleted vendor/wp-less/.gitignore so that my git repo contained all the required files.

With that in place I added the following to my functions.php

function my_theme_enqueue_styles(){
    require dirname(__FILE__) . '/vendor/wp-less/bootstrap-for-theme.php';
    $less = WPLessPlugin::getInstance();
    wp_enqueue_style('theme-main', get_template_directory_uri() . '/style.less');

add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'my_theme_enqueue_styles');

This compiles style.less and adds it to the head tag through wp_header().

Great! At the moment there isn’t a huge benefit to this I could just compile the stylesheet before I publish the theme and the result would be the same. So now how do you get custom variables into this?

I then add to the theme customizer things like colour of this and width of that. I wont go into too much detail about how to add options, Narga have a great guide on the subject and to confuse matters I use a library of my own writing.

For this example lets assume that you have a function called my_theme_get_or_use_default_theme_option($option) which you use to get options set in the customizer or return a default value.

You can then pass those options to WP-Less in your my_theme_enqueue_styles function like so:

$less->addVariable('textColor', my_theme_get_or_use_default_theme_option('text_color'));

and then in your stylesheet


Thats it! Now when ever a user changes anything in the theme customizer the stylesheet is generated. For example one of the themes I made has options like this:

WP LESS example

Which means that the site can look vastly different whilst using the same theme code. There is no ThemeName-Customer1 ThemeName-Customer2 on our update server or any child themes on the sites we supplied. We publish an update and when a customer installs it if the less has changed the WP-Less generates the new stylesheet straight away.

These 3 sites use the same theme with different options set and as you can see you can produce a pretty big difference that is easy to maintain.

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