I am an IT Engineer & Web Developer from the North West of England.

On this site you'll find articles about things I've done at work, news and updates on some of my projects and some more general content.

Recent Posts

Robocopy, the best copying tool you already have.

8th December 2018

If you want more control and better performance robocopy is the way to go.

Moving to Gatsby

4th December 2018

Ive moved my site over to Gatsby!

A nice new wallpaper

1st August 2018

I was rather happy with how this wallpaper turned out.

wp_enqueue_less a replacement for WP-Less

6th July 2018

A new LESS compiler for WordPress

Disable Windows 10 Colour Filter Shortcut with a GPO

8th February 2018

Fixing a rather annoying feature of Windows 10.

Screeps Part 22 – War and Claiming Another Shard

20th December 2017

Pushing out into the map and other shards for profit.

Screeps Part 21 – Optimizing the OS

22nd November 2017

Making the OS more CPU efficent.

Screeps Part 20 – Bunkers

12th October 2017

Building bunkers to keep my bases safe.

Screeps Part 19 – Operating Systems

28th September 2017

Building an OS to better manage my CPU.


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