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Screeps Part 12 – Start Again

Screeps Part 12 is the latest in my screeps story, you can read the rest here. Like the last time I re-wrote my AI this post has become rather long. It is well worth...



B4RN is a rural broadband project started in 2011. Through community funding, volunteers and hard work they have built an FTTP (Fibre To The Property) network in the North West of England. BT, the...

Etch Router 0

Etch Router

Etch is Atom’s system for updating the DOM. Like other DOM managers (e.g. React) it uses javascript to define a DOM structure and then applies it to a given DOM node. When the state of...


Jekyll-Atom 2.0.0

Jekyll-Atom is my Atom Package for working with Jekyll. Version 2.0.0 updates a few dependencies and meets the newer preferences for Atom.


Theme Options

My latest composer release is a small library to help with theme options in WordPress. It provides a simple interface for defining theme options and retrieving them later. I made this library quite a...


Remove Guided Access Mode on an iPad

One of the jobs I get asked to do on a regular basis is remove guided access mode from the school iPads. If you don’t know about it guided access mode allows you to...

PAC File 0

A PAC File System using Jekyll

A PAC (Proxy Auto-Config) File is a small javascript file that a browser can be configured to use when choosing a proxy server. For a few reasons over at Ed-IT Solutions, we decided we needed...