Everything an Option in the Theme

Everything an Option is my design philosophy for WordPress Themes. With the Theme Customizer and tools like WP-LESSĀ it is possible to make some very varied sites from the same theme. Take these 3 sites: Ridge Community Primary School Leck St Peters C of E Primary School Grimsargh St Michaels C of E Primary School All […]

18th August 2016

RADIUS With Windows Server 2012R2

RADIUS is a form of network security that can link into your Windows Domain. The most common use (at least in my experience) is to secure Wireless Networks. Using RADIUS has the advantage of no shared key that has to be entered on each device, you can allow all domain computers to connect with their […]

22nd July 2016


React, in Jekyll, with dynamic pages! Why? Most of my recent work on this site has been around using pushState, ajax and lunr to create a static site that you can search with pages for every category etc… that didn’t require me to create a page for each one. This resulted in some code duplication […]

29th March 2016

Jekyll Atom 1.2.0

A new version of Jekyll-Atom has just been released! This version adds some new syntax grammars to Atom to highlight Liquid tags and the YAML front matter. The Grammars don’t define a massive amount they are essentially just pull in more than one grammar.

This tells atom that inside — and — it should […]

1st March 2016

Using Jekyll Atom from start to finish

Jekyll-Atom is my Atom package for working with Jekyll (as the name implies). It makes working Jekyll a breeze but I have a had a couple of questions about how some of it works, so I am going to walk though the writing of this post. First off with Atom open in this site I […]

25th February 2016

Setting up lunr.js in Jekyll

lunrjs is a client side search system that is perfectly suited for Jekyll and other static site systems. Setting it up in Jekyll without any plugins (so it works on Github Pages) isn’t that hard only needs a couple of extra files and some Javascript. You can see the commit used to add lunr to […]

23rd February 2016

AJAX Page loading in Jekyll (Or any static site)

This site is pretty fast, lets be honest static HTML loads incredibly quickly as there is no rendering or database overheads to slow it down. That being said AJAX page loading is even faster so can it be done without the use of HTTP headers etc…? Yes it can, quite easily, I spent more time […]

4th February 2016

Building Windows 10 Images

Windows 10 is fantastic and naturally lots of my Schools are chomping at the bit to get it deployed to their devices. This has lead to a couple of problematic image builds over the past couple of months due to sysprep being unable to complete after the store has been setup for a user. It […]

1st February 2016

Jekyll Atom 1.1.0

Jekyll-Atom has just hit 1.1.0 and with this release comes some new features and adjustments to the current ones. I outlined my ideas in the state of the universe and I think I have met them all with this update. Configuration In 1.1.0 the config is a lot leaner favouring settings from _config.yml instead of […]

25th January 2016

State of the Universe

This site has just had a pretty major re-design which I am intending to be the start of me writing a lot more here. More writing I do loads of cool things in my day job that deserve to be shared, if only to save some other poor soul the time of discovering the source […]

22nd January 2016